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100 Betting Sites was formed by a group of betting enthusiasts and industry professionals to bring readers a source of reliable information related to sports betting. We have thoroughly researched and reviewed numerous sportsbooks to determine whether they are worthy of consumers’ time and money. Only the best of the best have made it to our sportsbook recommendations. 

Other than our reliable reviews, we have also put together a number of guides to popular sports betting activities. We have also put in suggestions of the best sportsbooks to provide you with a quality gambling experience. You can also check out which operators’ platforms will run on your mobile depending on whether you use Android or iOS. We have even taken the liberty of listing bonuses available in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US. 

At 100 Betting Sites, we care about our readers and their overall experience in sports betting. We aim to provide transparent, unbiased information on the sportsbooks we review. Another thing we know is important to consumers, all of our recommendations have been thoroughly checked and confirmed as legitimate, lawful operators. We frequently revise and update the information provided on our website to guarantee optimum services.