iPhone Betting Sites & Apps

There is hardly a technology savvy person who has not heard about Apple. The company is a phenomenon which has taken the modern world by storm and is constantly providing newer and more convenient ways to help and entertain iPhone users.

Nowadays, people have a difficult time when they do not have their iPhones with them. This is simply because what looks like a simple tiny device, has actually collected a big part of our lives within it. Smartphones have long passed the plain function of just connecting people via calls. These days, iPhones help their users to stay connected with friends and family, share their thoughts with the world, manage their work schedules and emails and entertain themselves in their free time.

Sports betting is a popular source of entertainment in many countries and it is one of the few forms of gambling that is legal in numerous jurisdictions around the world. This is why it was no surprise that so many online sportsbooks have appeared on the scene. They gave numerous punters the chance to place sports bets in the comfort of their own homes.

As a way to stay abreast of the newest trends, virtual bookmakers started optimising their websites to run smoothly on various mobile devices. Since punters appreciated the convenience of betting even when they are on the go, many interactive sportsbooks also launched their own apps. Those can be found at the App Store where iPhone users can download and install them.

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Difference Between iPhone Betting Sites and Betting Apps

variations iconIf you are an iPhone user there are different ways you can bet via your smartphone and using an app is definitely not the most practical one. In fact, many punters prefer to place their bets by accessing sportsbooks directly through the browsers on their iPhones. This guarantees them that they will be able to load instantly all of the betting markets they are interested in.

It is no secret that Apple offers one of the best operating systems and iPhone users are always provided with the latest updates. This means that even bettors who use older models of iOS devices will be able to access the mobile versions of various online bookmakers. Thanks to the latest HTML5 technology, iPhone users have the chance to load almost any betting site via their mobile browser.

If you prefer to place your stakes via a mobile application, you will have to make sure that your iPhone has enough storage space. This is due to the fact that you will need to download and install an additional software on your device in order to be able to access the sportsbook app. This is definitely not an issue with punters who opt for browser-based mobile bookmakers. If you are not willing to use any of the space on your mobile device, it is recommended to simply load the site via the browser on your iPhone.

Mobile apps are optimised to fully operate on almost every iOS device. This guarantees punters that their betting experience will be designed to run smoothly on their iPhone. On top of that, major sportsbooks offer their own apps that can be downloaded from the App Store. Since Apple offers only applications that can be trusted, virtual punters will not have to worry about the apps they are installing on their iPhones.

The mobile apps of some sportsbooks can be downloaded only from their official websites. What is more, there are also some virtual bookies that offer only a browser-based mobile version. This is why sometimes punters will only be able to load the betting site via the browser on their iPhone. This, however, will not affect negatively the quality of their experience, nor the wagering options they will be provided.

How to Place a Bet on Your iPhone

mascot iphone If you are new to the whole iPhone betting experience, you can be certain that there is nothing complicated about mobile bets. The whole process resembles the typical wagering you would make at any online betting site.

Once you have chosen the virtual sportsbook where you would like to make sports bets, you should head to the App Store and download and install its respective application. You can also opt for accessing the website of the bookmaker via the browser on your iPhone device. You can rest assured that betting sites are optimised to run smoothly on almost every iOS device. This will ensure that your mobile betting will be just as great as it would be when you bet on your desktop device.

If you have an existing account, you will have no issues logging in by using your username and password. If you are new to the virtual sportsbook, you can easily open an account via the mobile app or the website of the bookie. Once you have created your profile, you can continue with your mobile betting.

In order to make real-money bets, you will have to make a deposit to the virtual sportsbook. At most mobile bookies you will be able to boost your balance by choosing your most preferred payment method. The great thing about mobile sportsbooks is that the majority of them allow punters to manage their funds through their mobile devices.

When you have made a deposit, you can also claim one of the bonuses that are offered to new or regular members of the sportsbook. This way you may improve your chances of successful bets. There are even virtual bookmakers that offer special offers which are available only for mobile punters. This can definitely boost your balance and make your bets more lucrative.

Once you are done with funding your betting account, you will be able to see all the markets that offer various odds for numerous sporting events played all over the world. Once you have made your mind and you know the type of wager you would like to do, you can tap on the bet and enter the amount of the stake you would like to make. After you confirm your wager, you are ready to enjoy the game and wait for fruitful results.


When you are considering whether betting via your iPhone is a good idea, you can always compare the advantages and disadvantages of this method. This way you will be able to decide whether it is worth making bets via your smartphone or not.

One of the most obvious advantages of using a mobile sportsbook to make bets is the convenience of the method. Nowadays, there numerous iPhone users. This means that betting fans will always have access to the best sports odds even when they are on the go. All you need in order to enjoy a mobile betting is a stable Internet connection. This will guarantee you that you will enjoy the same thrilling experience you would while placing stakes online.

Another advantage is the aforementioned bonuses that mobile bettors can claim. This way iPhone punters have a chance to enjoy their betting adventures and even improve their chances of making successful bets.

It is no secret that iPhone devices are prefered by a big part of smartphone users. This is due to the high quality of iOS products. This guarantees that punters who have the latest iPhone models can enjoy a top-notch betting experience which is in no way inferior to the one on desktop devices.

Mobile bettors have the chance to have an instant access to numerous betting markets that offer the best odds for some of the most popular sporting events in the world. Since virtual sportsbooks cover a lot more sports than land-based ones would, interactive punters can place stakes on games they would not have access to if they visit a land-based bookmaker. Because iPhone betting sites and apps are fully optimised to function on iOS devices, this means that mobile punters will have full access to all wagering options available at the virtual sportsbooks.

Last but not least, is the advantage that the bettors who are truly passionate about their sports betting history will appreciate. Since experienced punters like to keep a track of their wins and losses, as well as the news about their favourite teams and players, they can easily do that if they bet on their iPhones. Bettors who use iOS devices to create a document, have it automatically saved by the iCloud feature. This will allow them to have access to their betting history and notes on every Apple-branded device they own.


Of course, it is natural that there might be some disadvantages for those who use iPhones to place their sports bets, however, they can hardly be considered as major issues. Although some punters prefer to use mobile applications in order to make real-money bets, there are some online sportsbooks that do not offer their own apps. And while this might seem a bit inconvenient, mobile bettors can always opt for visiting the virtual bookmaker through the browser of their iPhone. This way they will have an instant access to some of the best odds for popular sporting events.

Another disadvantage might be that not every virtual bookie has a mobile version. This can be a little frustrating but iPhone users are advised to look for other sportsbooks as some of the most reliable and popular interactive bookmakers have both browser-based mobile versions and mobile apps.

Apple Store Policy on Sports Betting Apps

Until a few years back, Apple had a really strict policy when it came to mobile applications that were promoting real-money gambling. This is why it was impossible to find an app that will allow you to place sports bets via your iPhone. In the recent years, however, the company has changed its policy.

Now, iPhone users have access to numerous betting apps that can be legally downloaded from the App Store. This has changed the interactive betting experience for iOS users completely. Even though bettors can find many betting apps in the designated store for iPhone users, there are still some restrictions.

Although some punters will have the opportunity to head to the App Store and download sports betting apps, they will still have to comply with some rules. Apple does abide by the laws in different jurisdictions and will not allow certain bettors to download betting apps from the App Store. This guarantees that punters who reside in countries with strict laws, forbidding interactive betting, will comply with the rules of their jurisdictions.

Despite the fact that the App Store is strict about who can download and install betting apps, punters are still advised to check the gambling restrictions of the country they reside in. If their jurisdiction does not allow interactive sports betting, they should not download and install such apps.


The majority of mobile betting sites and apps are fully optimised to run on almost every iPhone device. This means that even if you are using some of the oldest iPhones, you would still be able to place your stakes and enjoy your time at virtual sportsbooks. This being said, if you are using the newest model of iPhone, you are guaranteed to enjoy a top-notch mobile sports betting experience.

It depends on your preferences. In most cases, there is not that big of a difference whether you are using the browser on your iPhone or you install the app of online bookmakers. The wagering options, as well as the odds that are offered, are all the same. Even if the interactive bookie of your choice does not offer a mobile app, you can still enjoy a wonderful betting time via the mobile version of its website.

Many virtual sportsbooks are trying to offer their members the full packages of perks that they would enjoy while betting on desktop devices. This is why punters who install mobile applications on their iPhones, often have the opportunity to manage their funds through the apps. This is definitely very convenient for betting enthusiasts who are always on the go.