Sports Betting Bonuses

When it comes to sports betting, there are punters all over the world who enjoy making money while betting on their favourite sporting events. While bookmakers have become popular places for betting enthusiasts, it was inevitable that this form of gambling will be soon available online as well.

In the last several years, online sportsbooks have become a wonderful destination for punters from all over the world. The opportunities that interactive wagering is offering are numerous and more and more bettors prefer to bet on their favourite sports in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, nowadays, there are so many web-based bookmakers that bettors might have a difficult time choosing one.

When it comes to the advantages that online sports betting is offering, the list of perks can definitely tempt even the most demanding punter. In addition to the convenience of making sports bets online, there is also the chance to grab a bountiful bonus that can immediately make any wager more profitable.

If you are interested in virtual betting, you should definitely familiarise yourself with one of the best perks that online sportsbooks offer. In this article, you will find information about why web-based bookies offer bonuses, what type of deals you can benefit from and what you should look for when you are browsing through different promotional offers.

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Why to Bet on Sports Online

instant play iconBefore we analyse sportsbooks bonuses more in depth, it is worth mentioning the other advantages of betting on sports online. If you are contemplating whether it is worth placing money on your favourite team online, you should take a good look at the list of perks you will enjoy.

The first and probably the best advantage of virtual sportsbooks is their convenience. Even if it has been 5 minutes since you have decided to bet on a football game, you can easily find numerous markets that offer the best odds about the event. All you have to do is load the website of a virtual bookie, register and once you have made a deposit you will be able to bet and win real money online. In addition to the convenience of betting from your living room or any other part of your home, you can also do that while you are on the go. Since many virtual sportsbooks have their mobile versions, bettors can use their smartphones or tablets to bet on sporting events anytime and anywhere.

It is only natural that you will worry about money when it comes to placing bets online. However, you can be certain that the majority of online sportsbooks are licenced and regulated by some of the strictest authorities. This guarantees that the sports betting operator has no other option but to comply with the rules that have been imposed by the regulatory jurisdictions. Of course, you will also have to make a quick research about the virtual sportsbook before you open an account. The best option is to trust major virtual bookies that are well-renowned for their transparent and fair policy.

The odds online are definitely better. Every sports betting enthusiast knows that good odds are the key to enjoy a rewarding experience. On average, the odds online are better compared to those at land-based bookies. This is why virtual bettors have the upper hand when it comes to fruitful bettings.

Another beneficial aspect of betting online is that punters have the chance to place stakes on sports which may not be available at their local sportsbooks. Online bookmakers cover more sporting events and bettors can pick games they would not otherwise have access to. At web-based sportsbooks, you can find numerous markets with the best odds for almost every sport which is played professionally.

When we are talking about diversity, we cannot miss mentioning that online bookmakers not only offer odds for numerous sporting events but they also provide bettors with various wagering options. This way punters have the chance to pick from traditional bets and some more exotic ones which can boost their betting funds significantly.

When you are making online sports bets, you have the chance to take advantage of the biggest perk of online betting. Instead of limiting yourself to a single sportsbook, you can opt for making bets at several online bookies. This way you can explore even more options and improve your chances for lucrative payouts.

Bonuses for Mobile Bettors

bonus iconAs it was mentioned earlier, one of the advantages of betting at a virtual sportsbook is that many punters have the chance to place wagers on a sporting event through their smartphone or tablet. It is definitely a great opportunity to be able to make real-money bets on your favourite sporting event or team, even when you are on the move.

Mobile sports betting is the future of this industry and numerous bettors can access instantly many markets with the best odds with a single tap on their smartphones or tablets. For those who are excited to try this type of sports betting, there are plenty of browser-based mobile sportsbooks. This means that punters can use the browsers on their portable devices to load the mobile version of the virtual bookmaker of their choice.

There is also the alternative to download and install a sportsbook app on your smartphone or tablet. Many virtual bookmakers offer their own mobile applications which are suitable for Android and iOS users. This way your mobile betting experience will be even easier and more enjoyable. Sportsbook apps can be downloaded either from the official website of the bookmaker of the app store designated for certain mobile device users.

Despite whether you will choose to make sports bets via a mobile app or you will opt for using your portable device’s browser, you are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth and fun betting adventure. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you will be able to see all the markets that provide different odds for the game you are interested in.

Placing a wager via your portable device is just as easy as doing it on your personal computer. Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to pick the type of bet you would like to make. Enter the amount you would like to wager and confirm your stake.

If you are betting via your mobile device, you can still enjoy the promotional offers that the sportsbook has prepared for its members. What is more, there are some virtual bookmakers which have in store bonuses that are available exclusively for mobile bettors. This is a way to encourage mobile punters to continue with their interactive betting adventures.

Types of Bonuses You Can Use ast Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting online is definitely a lot of fun and can offer virtual punters perks that do not have access to elsewhere. There are numerous promotional deals that can entice every bettor and show him/her the perks of betting online. Before you pick the bonus you would like to claim, make sure that you are well aware of the conditions and term that come along with each one of them.

Welcome Offer

One of the most popular types of promotions offered by virtual sportsbooks are the so-called Welcome Bonuses. Those are available only for new members of the sports betting sites and can help them begin their sports betting with a bang. Depending on the virtual sportsbook where you bet, the sign-up offer might include different perks.

Free plays or free bets are among the most common Welcome offers that many virtual bookmakers provide for newcomers. The name of this type of promotional offer may be a little misleading. Free plays allow punters to make wagers they usually will not feel comfortable making with their own money. Let us assume that you have found a virtual sportsbook that offers up to $50 Free bets. This does not mean that you will receive free money to bet with but you will actually have the chance to make a risk-free bet. Free plays usually come with certain requirements about the types of bets you can use them on, as well as the minimum odds you can place your stake on.

There is also the chance to be offered Bonus Money. The extra money that you will receive will be actually added to your betting balance and you will be able to use it for the stakes you make. This type of promotional offer is usually available when bettors are presented with deposit match bonuses. Those allow punters to boost their first deposit to the virtual sportsbook. This type of promotional offer often comes with wagering requirements which must be met within a certain period of time. The expiration time of these bonuses is determined by the online bookmaker.

In some cases, newcomers are welcomed by a no-deposit bonus. This will allow them to top up their betting account without actually making a deposit. Typically, this type of bonus funds are non-cashable and bettors can use them to simply get used to the online betting at the respective bookie.

Reduced Juice

Juice is the term used in the sports betting field when it comes to the “vig” that punters pay when they are making bets. When you are putting a stake at odds of -110, this means that you will win $100 for placing a $110 bet. Playing with “reduced juice”, however, may change the outcome of this bet.

If you claim a reduced juice offer at the online sportsbook where you bet, you might actually see the same odds being lowered to -105 which will mean that you will have to make a $105 bet in order to win $100.

This type of offer may be available only for certain sporting events and bettors will have to keep an eye on the promotions available at the virtual sportsbook of their choice.

Loyalty and VIP Programmes

Many virtual bookmakers know how to show their patrons a good time. This is why they often offer programmes that can reward loyal members of the sportsbooks. VIP clubs and Loyalty Points are among the popular methods to motivate bettors to keep making real-money bets.

VIP programmes often offer a special group of punters some exclusive perks. Usually, it is not easy to join a VIP club of a virtual sportsbook and you have to be quite active when it comes to sports bets. High-rollers are definitely the target group of bettors that online bookies prefer to reward with VIP benefits. Sports betting enthusiasts who have gained a VIP status can enjoy perks such as exclusive bonuses and promotions, rebets and insurance, cashbacks and many other great advantages.

Many virtual bookmakers also reward their patrons with loyalty points. Those are usually rewarded for making real-money bets at an online sportsbook. This way punters can collect points which can, later on, be converted into real money. Often VIP members are rewarded more points for their wagers and as they advance and reach a higher level, they enjoy even more loyalty points. Bettors of higher tiers would also benefit from a higher ratio of converting points to cash. This definitely can stimulate punters to keep making real-money bets and progress in the VIP programme of the web-based sportsbook of their choice.


Another way virtual bettors can benefit from placing stakes at an online sportsbook is taking advantage of its cashback promotions, if there are any. Picking an interactive bookie that offers its members this type of benefit can definitely change the outcome of your online sports betting. The main reason why many punters enjoy cashbacks is that they allow them to get back some percentage of their losses. This type of offers is usually presented to loyal members of the interactive sportsbook and it is a great way to show punters that they can benefit even from their losses.

Reload Bonuses

When you are choosing the online bookmaker where you would like to make your bets, it is important to take a good look at the promotions it is offering. Even though Welcome Bonuses sound tempting, they are one-time offers which can be claimed only by new users. What matters more are the reload bonuses that can be used by regular bettors at different periods of their betting adventures.

Reload bonuses do not differ that much from Welcome offers as they are usually matching punters’ deposits. Although reload bonuses rarely reach 100%, online bettors still have pretty good chances to top up their betting balance. Since reload bonuses work on the same principle as Welcome offers, punters usually have to meet wagering requirements. This is why you are advised to read all the terms and conditions of the reload bonuses that the web-based bookmaker is offering you.

Why Do Online Sportsbooks Give Bonuses

faq iconIf you are too scared to try the promotional offers of the online sportsbook where you bet, you can be certain that there is no grand scam behind this. It is true that it sounds ludicrous that virtual bookmakers are losing profits and go out of their way to offer their members promotional deals. This, however, is definitely not the case. Web-based sportsbooks have their own reasons to offer bettors bonuses and help them improve their wagering adventures.

The majority of sports betting sites offer their patrons the so-called Welcome offers. This type of bonuses is awarded for the purpose of attracting new members. Since most deals for new punters are activated once you make a deposit, it is clear to see the intentions of online sportsbooks. Welcome offers are beneficial both for bettors and for the online bookmakers. New members can enjoy a boost of their betting funds while the sports betting site can increase its profits thanks to the deposits that are made by the newcomers.

Free bets are another way to help those who are new to online betting to overcome their fears. By eliminating the stress factor of losing their money, punters who use free bets can get the gist of making real-money wagers online.

Promotional offers are also used to motivate punters to get back in the game. By offering bonuses virtual sportsbooks encourage punters who have not made a deposit in a long time to top up their betting balance. Reload deposit bonuses are a perfect example of offers used to prompt bettors to upload money to their sportsbook account.

Another reason why web-based bookies offer their patrons so many perks is that they want to reward regular bettors for their loyalty. Some interactive sportsbooks have VIP or loyalty programmes which reward higher-level punters with exclusive benefits. This way online bettors feel motivated to continue with their sports betting adventures.

As you can see, the intentions of online sportsbooks are honest and they have good reasons to offer their patrons deals that will prompt them to partake in online betting. It is your decision entirely to choose whether you will take advantage of a certain promotion or you will decline it.

What Are Wagering Requirements And Why Are They Important

rules iconAs it was mentioned earlier, sports betting sites do not lose profits by offering punters bonuses. One of the most important things you should know about the promotions presented by virtual sportsbooks come with certain terms and conditions. It is vital to know what are the requirements you need to meet in order to claim a certain offer. One of the most important conditions you must be aware of before using a bonus is the wagering that is required to be done.

Wagering requirements usually come with deposit and reload bonuses. The main goal of the virtual sportsbook is to have you wager your bonus funds several times before you can withdraw it. Different sports betting sites have their own conditions about bonuses and some of them have punters rollover a certain number of times the sum of the deposit and the bonus. In other cases, bettors will have to bet only the bonus amount a few times.

If you try to initiate a withdrawal before you meet the wagering requirements some online bookmakers will simply not allow you to do so. Other web-based sportsbooks will void your winnings or bonus funds if you attempt to cash out your extra funds without completing the whole rollover of the bonus.

This is why online bettors are advised to take a good look at the offers provided by online bookmakers, as well as their wagering requirements. This way they will know whether a certain offer is worth claiming. Even though deposit bonuses and other offers do sound tempting, you are advised to check thoroughly the terms and conditions for using these deals.

Another thing you should be aware of is the time you are given to meet the wagering requirements. Usually, bonuses and other promotions come with expiration periods and bonus funds are declared void if punters fail to meet the rollover conditions.

When it comes to fulfilling the wagering requirements, virtual sportsbooks often have certain conditions about the betting as well. Those include the types of bets that can be made and the minimum odds you can place your stakes on. For instance, many interactive bookies will not count Parlay bets towards the rollover of bonus funds. Another condition may insist on betting on odds of 1.5 or higher. This is a major point of meeting the wagering requirements which is why you should pay attention to it.

It is also worth it to learn whether the bonus you are claiming is cashable or non-cashable. Some promotions offered by interactive bookmakers will allow players to cash out their winnings, if they have made any. The bonus they have used for their stakes, however, may be non-cashable which means that it can be used for betting purposes only.

All in all, you should not accept a certain deal or a promotion if you have not read the terms and conditions it comes with. Wagering requirements are very important and they can help you decide whether it is beneficial to claim a certain bonus or it is better to decline it.